Serge Scherbakov
Cell:       +7 (925) 142.2208
skype:      serge_realism


  • 12 years hands-on experience in game development industry as 3D Artist and Technical Artist
  • Expert knowledge of Autodesk MAYA. Practical experience in development new tools for 3D Artists and animators and extend software possibilities.
  • Experience of work with different game engines: Unreal Engine III, RenderWare, Lithtech Jupiter Extended, Nival Engine
  • Experience in various fields of 3D content creation: low poly modeling, high poly modeling, texturing, skeleton setup and rigging
  • Excellent understanding of form, lighting and game specific requirements for 3D models
  • Experience in outsourcers supervising: setting goals, progress monitoring and support
  • Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English, Russian)
  • Ready for relocation

  • Autodesk Maya - high and low-poly modeling, UV-mapping, shading, skeleton setup and skinning 
  • Expert knowledge of Python, MEL, Maya API and PyQt
  • JetBrains PyCharm, Qt Designer, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Pixologic ZBrush - quick prototyping, organic and hard surface sculpting of characters and objects
  • Adobe Photoshop - texture creation, rendered images fine tuning
  • Topogun, headus UVLayout, xNormal, eyeon Digital Fusion
  • Experience of work with Team Collaboration Software: NXN Alienbrain, CVS, Subversion, Atlassian JIRA, Seapine TestTrack Pro
  • Basic experience of work with Vicon MX motion capture system, and Vicon Blade software

  • “Skyforge” – Best of Show E3 2014 (Ten Top Hammer)
  • “Skyforge” – Best MMORPG (Igromir 2014)
  • “Full Drive: UAZ” – Best Domestic Simulator Game (Gameland Award 2007)
  • “Full Drive: UAZ 4x4: Ural Call” – Best Simulator Game (Russian Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • “Full Drive 2: Hummer” – Best Domestic Simulator Game (Gameland Award 2008)

04/2012 - Present Technical Artist, Allods Team Mail.Ru, Moscow, Russia
  • Created tools for artists and animators to improve content creation pipeline
  • Supervised outsource studios in field of technical questions of content creation
  • Prepared content for Game engine import
  • Created tools to improve and automate QA work

11/2010-03/2012 Technical Artist, “1C-Softclub”, Moscow, Russia
Unannounced project
  • Supervised game character assets and character animation assets
  • Prepared and imported characters and animations in Unreal engine

03/2008 - 11/2010 Technical Artist, “1С-Avalon”, Moscow, Russia
Project: “Off-Road Drive” (Off-road racing simulator)
  • Designed real-time suspension system for game car models
  • Designed driver real time animation system (steering, interacting with objects)
  • Prepared 3D car models and imported them in UDK. Adjusted car models in UDK
  • Prepared skeletons, skinned, animated and imported characters in UDK

Project: “Contact” (first-person shooter)
  • Designed characters animation assets
  • Supervised outsource Motion Capture studio, working on animations for game characters
  • Prepared characters and animations and import them into game engine “Lithtech Jupiter Extended” by Touchdown Entertainment
  • Prepared weapon and props models. Imported them into game engine and made in-game adjustments

Project: “New Amazons” (turn-based strategy)
  • Supervised outsources work on game characters and environment objects
  • Imported game characters and objects into Nival engine (Silent Storm)

Project: “Full drive” (Off-road racing simulator)
  • Modelled cars
  • Supervised outsources work on car model

05/01 - 03/2008 Technical Artist, “Avalon”, Moscow, Russia
Project: “Antikiller” (third-person shooter)
  • Modelled buildings, cars and game objects
  • Imported art assets in Renderware game engine
  • Developed MEL-scripts to automate the process of objects and levels export

Project: “Sabotain: Break the Rules” (first-person shooter with RPG elements)
  • Modelled game levels, weapon models and props
  • Developed MEL-scripts for MAYA to improve content creation tools
  • Scripted game quests
2001 MS in Engineering, State University, Moscow, Russia


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